‘A better world for all’

Our Competition is now closed for new entries.

This spring we would like to invite children to take part in a fun competition, challenging them to consider how they would make the world a better place for all, putting their creative juices to work!

Children from 4 to 14 years old (three age groups) can enter the competition in four ‘A Better World for All’ categories, and the winners will be announced by none other than children’s TV presenter Maddie Moate at Rafiki Thabo Foundation’s Family Fun Day on the 6th July, with the winning films proudly presented to all the attendees!

Individual and group entries welcome!

It’s simple!

  • Choose the category you would like to enter
  • Produce a 60 second short film using a mobile phone camera
  • Please name your video file using your first and last name (‘FirstNameSurname’)
    • If entering as a group nominate one group member’s name for this
  • E-mail your video entry to [email protected]
    • Please mention in your e-mail: your name, your age and which category you have entered your video into
    • If entering as a group, please make sure to provide names and ages for all group members. Please note that all members of a group entry must belong to the same competition age group
    • If your file is too large for e-mail, we recommend We Transfer (free service)
  • Competition entries in by Monday 7th June 2024!
  • Join our Family Fun Day at Cokethorpe School in Witney on the 6th July to see if you have won! Children who submit a competition entry will receive a Promo Code allowing them free access to the Family Fun Day (See Terms & Conditions below)! To find out more about our Family Fun Day and buy your tickets, click here.


Here are the categories – you can approach these in whichever way you would like, but we have included some suggestions to get you started. The key is to think about how your competition entry will showcase how you could create a better world for all.

  1. Wildlife Warriors
    1. Here’s your opportunity to celebrate or positively impact animals, nature, wildlife or the environment.
    2. You might choose to build a hedgehog sanctuary, plant a bee friendly meadow, walk or cycle to school during spring term instead of taking the car or school bus, run an environmentally friendly initiative at school (for example ‘meat-free Mondays’ or a ‘Food waste diary week’) or write an article for your local newspaper encouraging your local community to litter less to safeguard wildlife which may be harmed by getting tangled up in plastic bags, drinks cans etc. Why not make some wildflower seed balls to spread wildflowers and encourage wildlife? Find out why we reuse and recycle and make your own recycled paper! The opportunities are endless!
  2. Community Champions
    1. Think about how you can impact your community, or maybe how you are already doing something which has a positive impact on your community.
    2. This could things like litter picking, volunteering, or helping someone who is lonely. Maybe you could design an app that could help your local community? Plan and host a street party to put some cheer in everyone’s lives? Make a kindness jar of positive messages to give to someone in your neighbourhood who is going through a difficult time. Identify a need – plan an action – do it and then film it!
  3. Creative inventions
    1. How does science help to solve the world’s problems? This might be research into an area that you feel passionately about, or it might be inventions. It could be something you have thought of yourself, something you wish would be invented to solve a problem which will make the world a better place for someone.
    2. Draw, make or write about an invention, one that you think is brilliant or one that you have come up with yourself, or maybe you want to highlight someone or something that inspires you. Why not use your neighbourhood as a focus group and ask what daily problem they might have which a creative invention could solve? Or perhaps think of a new way to help those with physical challenges communicate better with others. For example, did you know that braille was the invention of a 12 year old?
  4. Rafiki Thabo Superhero
    1. Enter the competition to be a Rafiki Thabo Superhero! You would help us to enable access to education for children in Africa who are less fortunate than yourself and help make a better world for the disadvantaged children we support!
    2. Run a fundraiser for Rafiki Thabo, this could be a cake sale at school, selling your old toys and books, get sponsorship from friends and family to challenge yourself to do something new, different or a teeny bit crazy! We have lots of ideas for you in our fundraising pack (page 12 onwards). The money you raise will help us pay for children in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho to go to school who would otherwise not be able to pay their school fees, and pay for school meals for the poorest students at our partner school in Uganda so that they do not need to concentrate on a hungry tummy.

Your entry

Once you have decided on your category, get to it! You can film the creation of your project and/or the final result, do a short talk to camera about what you did and why you did it, interview someone who benefitted from your project, produce a collage of photos and show these on video while talking about them, and if entering for Rafiki Thabo Superhero, film your fundraiser and record yourself talking about what you did and how much you raised!

Then simply submit your 60 second short film by the 7th June 2024.

Please remember to say who you are and your age in your film entry!

Age categories

The age categories for judging the entries are:

4 to 6 years

7 to 10 years

11 to 14 years



We will choose one winning entry from each of the three age categories. Entries within an age group will be judged across the 3 categories of Wildlife Warriors, Community Champions and Creative Inventions.

The final winner is the Rafiki Thabo Superhero! For this category we will judge the competition entries across age groups.

The 4 winning films will be presented at the Family Fun Day on the 6th July and the winners will receive their prizes from Maddie Moate!

Competition closes Monday 7th June! So be sure to get your entries uploaded by then HERE.


Terms & Conditions

Children who submit an entry to our competition will receive a unique promo code (£5) allowing them free access to the Family Fun Day. This promo code will be provided by e-mail after the competition entrant has e-mailed [email protected] to confirm they have uploaded their competition entry. One promo code per family: reducing the £15 family ticket to £10. Please note that the code cannot be applied retrospectively and is therefore subject to the competition entry being submitted prior to purchasing your Family Fun Day tickets. You are welcome to purchase your Family Fun Day tickets sooner, and the £5 ticket fee then payable also for the competition entrant will pay for 14 days of hot, nutritious school meals for one of the poorest students at our link school in Uganda.

Judge’s decision is final. Entries received after 7th June are not guaranteed to be considered. Rafiki Thabo and/or Maddie Moate may share the winning films on their websites, YouTube channels and social media, but only after seeking agreement from the entrant and their responsible adult.

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