Optimal People

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Optimal People

Optimal People is a people-performance business partnering with individuals, teams and companies to help them enhance their performance for optimal success.

To optimise business performance, we support organisations in piecing together the complex people puzzle. We are a coaching and people consulting business that offer consulting on many aspects of the people agenda, all rooted in culture, to clarify business purpose, align the people offering to the commercial agenda, and ensure businesses ultimately have the right people doing the right jobs at the right time.

Additionally, Optimal People partners with businesses to develop their leaders’ potential through various offerings to ensure clear alignment between how their leaders “show up” and what the company needs to deliver its purpose and strategy, which is critical to any culture creation or development. Leaders create culture, and culture delivers business success.

We also provide executive coaching for senior leaders to empower them through individual & personalised leadership development. Our coaching offerings provide leaders with personal headspace, a confidential sounding board, and various tools and techniques to optimise their performance and potential.

Based in Oxfordshire, Optimal People supports individuals and companies of all sizes, from large-scale multi-national organisations to SMEs, start-ups, family businesses and smaller local companies. Regardless of the company’s size, scale & location, we find many of the people challenges are very similar, and we have a personalised approach, frameworks, and methodologies to address these challenges to deliver optimal success.

Visit Optimal People’s website.

Gillian Fox – CEO & Founder of Optimal People – explains why they have decided to partner with us:

“Optimal People are delighted to support this purposeful charity. As a people-performance business, we recognise the importance of investing in personal development by helping individuals and organisations achieve their purpose and potential. Investing in people is not only good for society but also essential for businesses’ long-term growth and success. By creating a culture where people feel valued, heard, and supported, individuals can unlock their full potential, leading to optimal job performance, higher employee engagement, and ultimately, greater business success. Our purpose aligns perfectly with the goals and objectives of the Rafiki Thabo Foundation and its focus on providing education for disadvantaged children in Africa. By providing these children with access to quality education, the charity is helping improve their lives and laying the foundation for their future success.”

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