Our Advocate – Jenny Taylor BEM

Jenny first became involved with Rafiki Thabo in 2015 when we merged with the Kazi Mingi Foundation, which was founded by her daughter, Andrea, and for which she’d been a trustee.

Kazi Mingi Foundation fundraised to build Rafiki Thabo’s partner school in Kenya, ACK St. Bartholomew’s Secondary School, and sponsored a number of the boys at the school.

Since then Jenny has supported Rafiki Thabo’s work in so many ways – managing all the bookings for a holiday home in Wales (which our supporters can stay in in return for a donation to our work) for us, fundraising for us in various ways, talking to people about our work, and visiting our programmes in Kenya – a place very close to her heart as she visited many times with her late husband Roy and her daughter Andrea.

“Having visited Kenya many times in connection with my daughter’s charity, I realise what a difference can be made by providing education to those who would otherwise not be able to access it – even one member of the family receiving education opens up opportunities for the whole family.”

We are so grateful for all that Jenny does for us and are proud to recognise her incredible contribution by announcing her as one of our first Rafiki Thabo Advocates.

“I believe that ordinary people like us provide support to help those who have been through devastating experiences – people who have nothing except the hope of what could be possible.”

Thank you so much for being part of our team Jenny!

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