Why shop in charity shops?

There are so many good reasons to shop in charity shops – not only for your own pocket and to make a difference to the lives of those that the charity supports, but also for our planet and our local communities.

It helps our planet

By donating your clothes, toys, books and bric-a-brac to one of our charity shops, you are making sure they can be re-used or recycled rather than being put into landfill. In 2018/19, 339,000 tonnes of textiles alone were kept out of landfill as a result of UK charity retail. This reduction in landfill also makes a positive difference to the UK’s carbon footprint. Read more about the environmental benefits of charity shops and use our carbon savings calculator to see the difference your purchases in our shops can make.

Use our carbon savings calculator
Two ladies smiling standing by a till in a charity shop

It helps local communities

As well as providing jobs and increasing footfall on the high street, charity shops produce a huge amount of social value. Working, volunteering in, donating to, or shopping in charity shops provides an enormous sense of well-being. In 2023 the Charity Retail Association (CRA) published a report following research that found that charity shops in the UK generated £75.3 billion of social value in 2022. Using the same methodology, we have calculated that a total of £21,491,513 of social value was generated by ACACIA charity shops in 2023.

Read ACACIA's social value report
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