We would love to be your next Charity of the Year!

Does your company have a Charity of the Year? Would you like to and want to understand more about how it works? Is your company in the process of nominating charities for their next Charity of the Year partnership? We would love it if you would consider putting us forward!

Supporting education and the opportunity to transform the lives of children who without support will likely remain trapped in poverty is a cause that will resonate with your staff, investors, and clients.

We are so fortunate in the UK to have access to great education, for free. We are privileged to have limitless opportunities as a result. This is not the case for our scholars who are all from families devastated by poverty, many are orphans and many live with disabilities. With only £320 we can pay for a year at school for one of them, with £80 they will enjoy a daily nutritious school meal for a year. With an education, they can fulfil their potential, secure good, paid employment, and escape poverty. Many of our graduates in turn go on to help others, like Ayiesa who helps run a therapy centre for children with cerebral palsy, Derek who looks after orphans in his local community and Hannah who supports children with shoes and school fees in her home village.

A charity of the year partnership is immensely valuable for charities, not only for the financial support for our programmes but for the opportunity to engage employees and their networks in our work. Whether your company wants a close relationship, hosting events together, jointly promoting your support and charitable aims and raising awareness of the impact you are helping us achieve or a more remote relationship where we simply provide you with updates on what your support translates into on the ground – our partnership will change lives!

For a no-commitment chat please contact our Partnerships and Events Manager [email protected].

Let’s transform lives together! Consider us for your next Charity of the Year!

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