Disability partners

As a result of our merger with ACACIA UK, we are proud to be working with three partner organisations (who had previously worked with ACACIA) in Kenya who share our passion for removing the barriers faced by children with developmental disabilities to access education.

Autism Society of Kenya (ASK)

ASK works to create awareness of the existence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Kenya and its management procedures. ASK builds the capacity of parents/ guardians and siblings of children with autism to manage the condition, initiates programmes for children with autism and lobbies the government for appropriate policies and legislation in order to de-stigmatise autism in Kenya. ACACIA has been working with ASK since 2015 and has funded a variety of projects, including a needs assessment for specialist autism support units in primary schools, equipment for the units, and provision of therapy for children out of school as a result of Covid-19.

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Dadashi Special Children Centre

Dadashi Special Children Centre was established as a Community Based Organisation in 2006 and operates in the Kariobagi area of Nairobi and the surrounding slums. ACACIA started working with Dadashi in 2019, enabling them to double the number of children receiving therapy and increase the number of therapy sessions on offer. Dadashi provides therapy sessions for children with developmental disabilities but also works to empower the mothers of the children receiving therapy by providing them with counselling, training them to provide therapy to the children themselves, and providing them with income generation skills. The centre also facilitates children being assessed and placed in schools that can meet their particular educational needs.

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