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As a small team, we rely heavily on the help of our supporters to raise awareness and funds for our work. We are delighted to introduce you to our advocate scheme, through which supporters can join our patrons in championing Rafiki Thabo Foundation and have the rewarding opportunity to truly impact the lives of the disadvantaged children and young people we enable access to education for.

Rafiki Thabo Advocates commit to an ongoing effort to help us highlight the importance of education, inform others about our programmes and our impact, and help us raise invaluable income to enable us to continue our work in Kenya, Uganda, and Lesotho.

The ‘what, how and when’ of the advocate role is discussed with each candidate to make sure it is an enjoyable undertaking which meets with their individual strengths and passions. To learn more about the types of engagement involved and how to let us know you are interested in exploring becoming a Rafiki Thabo Advocate, please read here.

We couldn’t do the work we do without your support – so do get in touch!

Mary-Ann Dyer joined our Kilimanjaro trek in August 2023. Through the months running up to the trek, Mary-Ann’s passion for our work grew and having had the opportunity during the trek to get to know two of our graduates Ayiesa and Derek and learn about the impact education has had on their lives, seeing first-hand how her passion for education aligned with ours, Mary-Ann embraced the opportunity to become a Rafiki Thabo Advocate. Read more about Mary-Ann and how she is supporting us.

Meet Mary-Ann

Jenny Taylor BEM first became involved with Rafiki Thabo in 2015 when we merged with the Kazi Mingi Foundation, which was founded by her daughter, Andrea, and for which she’d been a trustee. Kazi Mingi Foundation fundraised to build Rafiki Thabo’s partner school in Kenya, ACK St. Bartholomew’s Secondary School, and sponsored a number of the boys at the school. Since then Jenny has supported Rafiki Thabo’s work in so many ways, and we were delighted when she accepted the role of Rafiki Thabo Advocate in recognition of her ongoing commitment to our work.

Meet Jenny
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