Darren Bedding Photography

We are very excited about our new partnership with award-winning photographer Darren Bedding.

Darren has built his business around his love for photography and his love for family, his personal values deeply rooted in every memory he captures for his customers. For Darren the path to becoming a photographer was enabled through his family believing in him and supporting him. He had the opportunity to realise his dream: he humbly realises that this is a privilege many do not have and in choosing to support Rafiki Thabo Foundation he wishes to help give others the opportunity to realise their dreams.

As your photographer, Darren will capture all the smiles, the laughter and even the happy tears, everything a wedding day or a new baby represents and all the way through to your family flying the nest and beyond. He takes great pride in creating a professional set of stunning images that he knows will make people very happy, for a very long time. Darren describes his style of photography as contemporary, however for Darren it is also about the professional service he offers. Darren really cares about the whole photography experience you receive, stress-free and personal, as well as the completed results and final delivery of your memories.

Darren’s choice to specialise in Wedding Photography, Family Lifestyle, Dog Photography and Newborn & Maternity Photography is due to his love for the variety of people, the venues, and these poignant moments in life.  His studio is based in a stunning location at Prescote Manor, Cropredy, near Banbury, a delightful place to work and to visit and he would love to welcome you there.

When booking your Dog or Family Photography session with Darren Bedding Photography through his unique Rafiki Thabo booking link, they will donate the full £49 cost of the session to Rafiki Thabo Foundation. This amount will pay for one of the poorest children at Rafiki Thabo Foundation’s link school in Uganda to receive a free school meal every day for more than half a year! For many of the children supported through our ‘Eat Well to Learn’ programme, this is the only nutritious meal they will get most days. Imagine walking several hours to get to school every day and then trying to focus and learn in lessons, on an empty stomach. Free school meals not only give children the energy to learn, but act as a magnet to get children to school and continue coming. Many would otherwise be kept at home by their parents to help work on the land to raise money for food. With access to free school meals, parents are more likely to let their children go to school as they become one mouth less to feed at home.

Using Darren Bedding Photography, you help Rafiki Thabo Foundation enable access to education for children who would otherwise not have the opportunity!

“We are delighted to partner with the Rafiki Thabo Foundation. This is an absolutely brilliant charity, one that is close to our hearts, and it is an obvious choice for us to embrace Rafiki Thabo Foundation as our corporate charity: We see the difference it makes when an individual is given a chance to flourish, being a family business ourselves we have had the privilege to give each other lots of opportunities. We want to help Rafiki Thabo Foundation do the same for their scholars. The thought of children not having those opportunities that we have taken for granted is heart-breaking. Every child deserves to become the best person that they can be, to fulfil their potential, and if we can make a difference by raising money for the charity and improving the lives of those that are not as fortunate as ourselves, then it is an absolute privilege!” Darren Bedding, 1st October 2021

Dog Photography

Darren Bedding Photography offers a wonderful fun-filled photography experience capturing natural images of your four-legged family member, that you will want to treasure for a lifetime. Darren’s philosophy is for you to receive pet photos that portray the character and all the individuality of your pet – and for both you and your pet to have a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Darren Bedding Photography offers outdoor based portraiture in the stunning scenery around Prescote Manor allowing your dog to enjoy natural environments, and creative studio set ups that will create stunning images that you will want to treasure and hang as wall art for many years to come.

As a dog owner himself Darren knows the importance of the many expressions of devotion and how much joy your furry friend brings to you. For Darren it is always a privilege to capture these memories for his customers to cherish.

To book your dog photography session with Darren Bedding Photography donating your fee to Rafiki Thabo Foundation click on the button below.

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Family Photography

Darren Bedding Photography knows that the key to capturing great family photos is lots and lots of fun. They know that capturing those natural smiles, the love and connection of your family is so important. As a parent of two himself, Darren knows just how important these memories are. So, if you are looking to bring your family together for a fun family portrait session that captures the stunning, idyllic Oxfordshire backdrop they have at their studio, then we hope you will take the opportunity to do so with the unique Rafiki Thabo booking link below and donate your session fee for free to us!

Speaking from personal experience our fundraiser Janne knows exactly how brilliant Darren is at getting everyone to relax and enjoy themselves in the session. Whether it is the little one who is shy or doesn’t smile on cue or the dad who isn’t keen on the camera, Darren’s relaxed and friendly manner and the many tricks he has up his sleeve will bring them all out of their shell!

To book your family photography session with Darren Bedding Photography donating your fee to Rafiki Thabo Foundation click on the button below.

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The team at Rafiki Thabo Foundation are so grateful to Darren Bedding Photography for their support, helping us enable education for children and young people in Kenya, Uganda and Lesotho who would otherwise not be able to afford their school fees.

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