Improving the learning environment

We work with a partner school in each country to identify, and then fundraise for, infrastructure development priorities in order to improve the learning environment for the pupils at the school. Our partner schools are ACK St. Bartholomew’s School in Voi, Kenya; Ha Fusi School in Teyateyaneng, Lesotho; and Kamuganguzi Janan Luwum Secondary School near Kabale, Uganda.

Over the years we have supported a number of infrastructure development projects, including:

From the first brick to high school transformation at Fusi School

We have been supporting the infrastructure development of Fusi School right from its establishment in 2004. In this film, Ernest, a teacher at Fusi School, explains how we have helped the school develop its infrastructure in many ways over the years. We are delighted to have recently secured funding for the construction of a new classroom at the school which will enable it to transform into a high school in 2022 and offer an additional two years of education to its pupils.

Renovating and extending dormitories

We have renovated and extended the girls’ dormitory at our partner school in Uganda and renovated the boys’ dorms at our partner schools in Uganda and Kenya. As a result, more than 800 children per year now have a safe space to sleep and study.

Income generation projects

We have supported the establishment of chicken coops and piggeries at our partner schools. Not only do these generate a valuable income for the schools, enabling them to keep their fees low, but they also provide key ingredients for more nutritious and varied school meals.

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